• Passion To Profit 7th Annual Conference


    Passion to Profit Conference is our community's awaited annual gathering, where we rekindle our passion, boost our energy and honor our success stories.


    We meet to learn.

    We meet to connect.

    We meet to craft our legends.

  • Discover The 7 Japanese Principles
    for Effortless Success

    And Start Your Business Seamlessly!

    Why Would You Aggressively Push, While You Can Peacefully Pull?

    In the pursuit of your goals and dreams, sometimes you become defensive. Your tense focus on the destination kills your journey, and your fear of failure becomes your source of motivation.

    When you develop this "push" mindset, you begin to see challenges as something that pushes you down and you drain yourself pushing back. So, you miss opportunities and your dream becomes a burden so-that you give up on it.



    Have you ever asked yourself,

    How some people find success with great ease?

    Let Go Of Your Tendency To Push Harder, And Leverage The Forces That Opposes You

    People who develop the "pull" mindset embrace their struggles and join with the force of the opposing challenges instead of pushing them back.


    This is the turning point where every block on the way becomes an experience, an opportunity and a step ahead.

    Your Most Valuable Asset

    Is Your Heart Mindset!

    In the Passion To Profit 7th conference, you will learn the 7 hidden business principles inspired by the ancient teachings of Aikido.


    You will be able to shift your mindset from "push" to "pull" and neutralize the force of your challenges and put them in harmony with your goals & dreams.

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