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Why You Shouldn't Hire Social Media Agencies!

Two reasons:

1. Most of them don't have marketing background

They just moderate your social media profiles, write weak content and run random ads, without significant, measurable impact on your profits.

Social media agencies do well with big companies, because their main objective is social presence and brand awareness.

But as a small business owner, you must look for the best return on your investment.


Before you hire any social media agency, ask them if they can commit to a measurable ROI ... in terms of profits, not just engagement. Most of them will be reluctant to do so.

2. You don't have enough marketing knowledge

Most passionate business owners think they can't learn marketing.

Accordingly, they can't guide the social media agency and provide it with the right info about their target customers, core message and unique positioning in the market.

So it's like a BLIND LEADING A BLIND scenario!

As a small business owner, the most important thing you need to do before hiring any social media agency is to study the basic principles of marketing, and design a simple marketing system to take your business to the next level.

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