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  • About The Accelerator® Program

    A Hands-on Bootcamp To Take You To The Next Level

    Passion To Profit Accelerator is a concentrated program designed to speed up your Passion To Profit journey within 6 days.


    We only accept 5 passionate people in the program, and we will concentrate on those aspiring entrepreneurs to help ensure their success.


    Those who join must commit to this program for 6 consecutive days (2.5 hours of focused work per day). During that period, we will do extensive work to speed up your results and achieve higher levels of success.


    After this program, you will have the momentum and the clarity needed to become our next success story.

  • Why Do You Need It?

    For serious people only

    If you are truly ready to do what it takes to have a successful business, this program was made for you.


    The Accelerator® was designed to help you apply Passion To Profit system in a supportive and encouraging environment.


    The three key features are:

    1. Customized action plan based on your current status.
    2. You will actually work on your business ... It is not another educational workshop.
    3. You will have private mentoring from Mohamed Tohami during the accelerator period.
    Tohami's private clients usually pay 3,000 EGP for one hour of private one-on-one coaching. So if you are going to spend 15 hours with Tohami (The Accelerator duration), you would normally pay 45,000 EGP.
    However, The Accelerator® is a great chance to receive private mentorship from Tohami at a very affordable cost.

    This is a bootcamp style, where you apply specific instructions to boost your success.


    The idea was born after noticing that so many people struggle to find the time to work on their passion-business beside their busy schedule. This is in addition to the rising need for direction and guidance to get things done the right way.


    The progress, clarity and momentum you will achieve during the program will boost your confidence and help you succeed fast.

    Top 10 Benefits of Joining The Accelerator

    1. Get support, direction, and feedback
    2. Months of work is condensed in a few days
    3. Accelerated knowledge that allows you to speed up your P2P journey
    4. Improve your chances of success by accessing the mentor's years of accumulated experience
    5. Upgrade your skills and mindset
    6. Steer you in the right direction to avoid complexity, risks and failures
    7. Take you to the next level that you couldn’t figure out how to get to on your own
    8. Encouraging and collaborative environment that will help you thrive, focus and achieve
    9. Overcome your doubts and work together to clear your respective hurdles
    10. Build new friendships and a supportive network of peers ... It's like a new family of cheerleaders!


    • Finished Passion To Profit course
    • Can bring a laptop to work on your passion business during the accelerator period
    • Ready to work hard and help others
  • Program Details


    Program starts on Saturday, August 31st and Finishes on Thursday, September 5th


    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm (Sat. - Thu.)


    Passion Point premises

    Program Fee

    2,900 EGP ... Only 5 spots available

  • Agenda

    Day 1

    • Create a customized action plan for each participant based on your current status in P2P system.
    • Identify at least 4 BIG action items that you must finish during the program.

    Day 2-5

    • Get specific instructions & tips from Tohami to complete each action item.
    • Closely monitoring and evaluating your progress.
    • Peer support and brainstorming sessions.

    Day 6

    • Create a clear action plan to work on after the program.


    • Lots of surprises, motivation and inspiration during The Accelerator period :)
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